well, i am definitely in that nesting mode – wanting to clean out every closet and cupboard and get things all organized before the baby comes! why do we do this?? it is so exhausting! and the funny thing is that the day-to-day stuff gets neglected while i am doing all of this! i work so hard and you can’t even tell because it is all behind closed doors! lol! it feels good though and things are coming together! i have done all of the kids closets, the pantry, a lot of the kitchen cupboards and i am still working on my scrapbook room. i went to ikea yesterday with a friend of mine and got another one of these bookcases with the open square spaces. i put this one on its side on my wall with the windows so it gives me more surface area to put things on plus the storage in the cubbies. i love these bookcases – have them all over my house – two in here now, one in my laundry room and one in the playroom! they are the best!!

i also ordered bedding for the baby girl’s room!! after searching online for the perfect set, i finally decided on this one made by dwell. actually, i fell in love with it the first time i saw it and i just kept going back to it so i knew it was the one. it is just so me! i have some fun ideas brewing and i can’t wait to see her room come together! as soon as i get the bedding here i can pick out the perfect shade of pink to paint the room and then start getting the accessories! how fun!!

also thought i would share a scrapbook page that i did recently. i haven’t been sharing my scrapbook pages as much lately but i do still scrapbook!! it’s just that most of what i have been working on lately is for assignments so i can’t share it!! initially this page was going to be for a making memories blog challenge but then i did a different one so i can share this here. anyway, i was taking photos of my boys at the park one day while they were playing and running and being crazy. then, after about an hour, they finally got tired and sat on this bench for a little bit to rest and i got this photo. i love it because it really is rare that they stop to take a break!!