I was just digging through some old photos

looking for something to use for a project

and I came across this:

I don't know if I shared this last Christmas or not,

but it is fun to come across an old favorite!

Those chubby cheeks and big blue eyes get me every time!


I also wanted to share this:



January's Kit of the Month is an AMAZING kit designed by Becky Higgins!

The idea behind the kit is that you take a photo a day for the entire year and the kit gives you everything you need to turn those photos and memories into a complete scrapbook! The kit has page protectors designed just for this project and each spread covers 1 week, with spots for each photo and then a spot for some journaling to go with each photo/day.

This month I already did three weeks worth of photos + words + kits elements to equal three completed spreads! So fun! And the designs in the kit are awesome! I think it is easier to understand the whole concept when you see the completed pages so be sure to check out the link.

You can see the first one of my spreads over on the new Kit of the Month Blog. I believe they will be sharing my other pages along with pages from other designers soon! The kit goes on sale this Thursday and I know they will sell out fast! I can't wait to keep going with this! Such a great idea Becky!!


Also, Target has some seriously cute new stuff right now – if you like pink, green, and/or blue you will love it all! I went there today and found the cutest hot pink and white damask rugs!

And somehow they found their way into my cart and they ended up on my scrapbook room floor!

Hmmmmmm…. not sure how that happened? 😉

I was so NOT in the market to be purchasing rugs and such but Target has a way of getting me off track…. I mean, totally off track!! I went in for milk and a new mop and I came out with rugs!! (and a few other pink, blue and green goodies for my kitchen!)

I tried to find it all online to show some pics and link you there because this new stuff is to die for cute! But alas, I am not as fond of their online shopping experience and I couldn't find any of it! I will have to take photos to share later this week!

That's it for me today! Now that my scrapbook room is a bit more clean and a lot more cute with my new rugs, I am off to start on some new projects!