About Maggie

Maggie Holmes is a creative lifestyle blogger with her own line of paper crafting and scrapbooking products under the Crate Paper brand. She’s been recording her memories in a visual way ever since she was a little girl and she’s always been a collector of notebooks, planners, stationary, fabric, ribbons, etc!!

Additionally Maggie has a passion for photography and shares her talents with others by teaching online photography workshops and photographing her amazing clients. She believes that photographs truly make a house a home and she’s snapping pictures of her cute kiddos on the daily!

Over the years she’s learned that life is all about the little things – a loving look, a crooked smile, a touch from a tiny (or growing) hand. She believes that the meaning and fulfillment in life lies in each of these tiny fleeting moments that make up our daily lives. As she observes her kids and the little things they do or say, she often wishes she could stop the time. She loves that photographs and scrapbooks do just that – freeze time and capture those #happylittlemoments that would otherwise be gone in an instant.

She’s a creative soul at heart and loves decorating her home, throwing beautiful parties, sewing, lettering, painting and so much more. She puts her signature “Maggie” touch on everything she does and is always up for a new creative project. So, if you’ve got a fun collaboration in mind, feel free to email her using the contact form above!

Maggie believes in living a happy life and is known to always be smiling and seeing the bright side of things. Her love for preserving memories, creating beautiful imagery and most of all her 6 children and husband definitely shines through in all facets of her life. She’s grateful you’re here and she’s excited to share her love for design and style with you, along with inspiration for living a beautiful and creative life!!

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