About Me

Maggie Holmes

I’m 100% girly-girl in every sense of the word and that trickles all the way back to when I was a young scrapbooker at heart -- collecting stickers, stationary and erasers (while wearing pink from head to toe)! Eventually I caught the bug of actually gluing photos on paper and I have been doing it ever since. Over the years it has turned into more than just a way for me to preserve my family memories….. now I also love it just as much for the creative process as anything. I still get excited about stickers, paper, pens and glue and love collecting and organizing them as much as ever. I guess not much has changed!

I also can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in photography. Like scrapbooking, my love for photos was sparked long ago and has continued to grow with each little moment that I capture on film. I believe that photographs truly make a house a home and they are my preferred form of artwork. I can think of nothing better than surrounding myself with images that tell our family story.

Over the years I have learned that life is all about the little things – a loving look, a crooked smile, a touch from a tiny (or growing) hand. I believe that the meaning and fulfillment in life lies in each of these tiny fleeting moments that make up our daily lives. As I observe my kids and the little things they do or say, I often wish I could stop the time. I love that photographs do just that – freeze time and capture a look, a moment, a feeling, that would otherwise be gone in an instant.

In addition to scrabooking, photographing my clients’ families, teaching online photography workshops and creating helpful design tools for other photographers, you can find me chasing my own kiddos with the camera (in an attempt to not let a moment pass me by), reading, organizing, cooking up some gluten and dairy free cookies, snuggling my babies on the couch and/or decorating my home. Oh, and I also love date nights with my hubby, yummy food and laughing with my girlfriends!