Matthew is potty trained!! Yipeeeeee!!!
I can’t believe it!! I have tried to potty train him a few times in the last 6 months and he just wasn’t interested. He could easily go on the potty but he didn’t care and he wouldn’t be bribed!
My plan was to wait until we got into our own house to start again because I didn’t think it would work amongst the chaos and everything right now. But, things never seem to go as planned right?
Here’s how it all happened:: Brad and Sunny (the bro and sis-in-law that we are living with) have a daughter who is just a couple months younger than Matthew — Haylee. They have been trying to potty-train her and it wasn’t going that well so one night they brought home a gumball machine to use as motivation. So, I figured we might as well try it since Matthew loves gumballs and I figured it might help him along if they were doing it together. The next day we told them that they would get 1 gumball for going pee on the potty and 5 gumballs for going number two! I put Matthew right in some “big boy underwear” and I was taking him in to go potty about every 5 minutes!! lol! He was loving it – gumballs galore!! He had two accidents that day but having the underwear on made him realize when he was going pee so he would run to the potty.
The gumball machine worked like a charm!! He would go in and go potty all by himself and then run to me yelling “I just went pee on the potty, now I get a gumball!!!” We would all cheer and jump for joy!! And the number two issue wasn’t even a problem because he definitely wanted to get 5 gumballs!! He would go off to the bathroom and run in yelling “I just went poo on the potty, now I get 5 gumballs!!”
It’s been almost a month since we started and he even wakes up dry and has only had one or two accidents since that first week!!
We are so proud of him and I just think he is adorable in his big boy underwear!! He is also very proud of himself and tells everyone! It doesn’t matter where we are, when he goes on the potty he runs out and tells everyone!! It is so cute and funny!!
And.. it is definitely nice to only have one in diapers now instead of two!!