There really are over 1000 things that we love about our little Nathan, aka Snoops, Snoopins, Nooterpunks, Nafanoots, Punkin Punkin Poops, Nate. We seriously have so many nicknames for him and we absolutely adore him!
He is the recipient of so much love in this family, especially from his two older brothers! They love to greet him each morning and ask him if he had a good sleep! They love to eat their meals right next to him. They love to cuddle with him and they love to play chase with him. They love to tuck him in and give him his blankies and his stuffed doggies that he sleeps with. They are always smothering him with kisses and love!
Right now Nathan absolutely loves the Backyardigans! It is really the only show that he will actually sit and watch and I think it is so cute! He will plop himself down right in the middle of the family room and sit there and watch the whole entire show!!
I took this picture one day while he was sitting there watching. I love the look on his face – so serious, so concentrated, so intent. I could just squeeze him!!!!!